Clark Fork Dental: Missoula General Dentistry

Clark Fork Dental: Missoula General Dentistry

Missoula General Dentistry

Clark Fork Dental has a rich history of providing quality dental care in the community.  Our team loves Missoula as much as you do! We have patients who have been treated at our clinic for over 40 years. It’s an honor to carry on this legacy. At Clark Fork Dental, we specialize in Missoula general dentistry, offering comprehensive care for patients of all ages.

Clark Fork Dental is owned by Dr. Russ Blackhurst. He took over the practice in 2011 from Dr. Spierling. It was important to Dr. Russ to carry on the Clark Fork Dental tradition of providing exceptional dental care in a friendly and welcoming environment. Adding to this, Dr. Russ deeply cares for his patients, and can  be heard saying “when you’re here, you’re family”. 

This family-owned clinic offers professional dental care by three dentists, two of whom are brothers!  At Clark Fork Dental you can receive care from Dr. Russ, Dr. Riley or Dr. Macy Hyvonen. All three dentists are highly-experienced and can treat a diverse range of dental needs. They are supported by excellent dental technicians and support staff, too! 

When you visit Clark Fork Dental you’ll be greeted by friendly faces and a genuine desire to help you get the care you need. Patients often comment on how appreciative they are that our team takes the time to listen to their concerns. That’s the beauty of coming to a locally-owned clinic with a focus on patient-centered principles. When you’re here, you’re family!

A Calm & Welcoming Dental Office

Do you know what else we love about our clinic? The view! While being treated at Clark Fork Dental you’ll sit in front of large windows that allow natural light to fill the room. This sets the tone: A peaceful, welcoming environment that puts patient at ease.  Clark Fork Dental is also home to a variety of birds that visit bird feeders outside our windows. It’s soothing and enjoyable to watch. Everyone's a birder during their appointment.

Missoula General Dentistry Services

Clark Fork Dental is a comprehensive dental care clinic. Due to our highly-trained team of dentists we are able to care for all of your dental care needs. From general dentistry to dentures, and all things in between, we can provide all the care that you need, at one convenient location.

Clark Fork Dental provides many services including: general dentistry, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care. We also offer denture care, crowns, veneers, implants, root canals and perform dental extractions. 

General dentistry is the cornerstone of oral health. Our work includes preventing, diagnosing, and treating various dental issues. We can also perform dental extractions and root canals at our office, too. With a focus on preventive care and patient education, our dedicated team will help you care for your natural teeth and, if needed, suggest modifications to help you look and feel your best.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Clark Fork Dental also offers cosmetic dentistry services including crowns, veneers, bonding and teeth whitening. Did you know that teeth whitening will show results in just one visit? Some patients may benefit from dental implant restoration, which can be achieved at our clinic. Your smile is the cornerstone of confidence and we want to help you achieve your goals. Services are also available for patients who are ready to transition to dentures, too.

Many people are not aware that we also offer TMJ and Sleep Apnea devices. This type of care is so important for people who suffer from either disorder.  For TMJ sufferers a bite guard customized to your unique mouth can provide relief from jaw pain, difficulty chewing and/or clicking and locking of the jaw. For Sleep Apnea patients, CPAP machines are the standard treatment, however many people want something less-disruptive. Oral appliances are becoming increasingly popular for this reason!  Also known as mandibular advancement devices (MADs), sleep apnea oral appliances are custom-made mouth guards that look similar to retainers. When worn at night, the mouthpieces reposition your jaws to keep the throat open while you sleep. Would you like to learn more and see if this is a good solution for you? 

Emergency Dental Care?

Ouch, if a dental emergency arises we know that you need care right away! Please reach out to us and we will  get you scheduled as soon as possible. We can often accommodate emergency dental appointments because we have three dentists and a team of technicians on staff. This applies to both new and established patients. 

Accepting New Patients

At Clark Fork Dental, your oral health is our top priority. We're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care in a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you're in need of routine dental maintenance, seeking a cosmetic enhancement or facing a dental emergency, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Discover the difference of comprehensive, compassionate dental care at Clark Fork Dental. Contact us to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile.  We look forward to welcoming you to our dental family and being a part of your journey to optimal oral health.

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